This year we will continue using "Relaxed Rules" as endorsed by Americas PGA President. Click here for a complete explanation.

Senior's will meet 2 times per year. See the calendar for meeting dates and times.

Tournaments are held each Monday beginning April 11th through October 24th. Tee times are also available Fridays for casual play.

Doubles tournament details and dates:

Click the menu for the brackets and results.

Starts: August 13th

Final Round By: October 1st


New members are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Members must be 55 years old by April 1st 2022

The Entry Fee is $40.00 for the season.

New Members must have a handicap which can be established by:

    • 1. A USGA Handicap Card

    • 2. At least 5 old score cards

    • 3. Establish a handicap from the first round.

Membership is required to use club tee times.

Guests may play 3 times before membership is required.


Monday Tournaments start April 6th, 2019 through October 26th except holidays. See the calendar for the schedule.

Play as often or as little as you like.

Select your own playing partners or join with others.

Entrance fee is $12.00 per tournament.

Green fees for walkers is $19.00, riders $33.00.

Starting time is 8:00 am Monday and Friday.

You must sign up to play by 3:00 pm Sunday. Tee times are assigned as determined by the computer.


We play the senior tees.

The course handicap for each tee will be applied to determine the net score. In addition, a rating adjustment will also be deducted from the handicap. See this USGA Handicapping FAQ for a complete explanation.

We play relaxed rules year around. Click here for a complete explanation.